Nikki Shae is a country pop singer, currently located in Nashville, TN. While her singing voice is often compared to Dolly Parton, Lee Ann Womack and Allison Krauss, you will also hear strong musical influences from Miranda Lambert, Shania Twain, and Carrie Underwood.

Born and raised in Caledon, Ontario, a small equestrian-oriented community just north of Toronto, she began singing and rhyming as a small child. When her mother noticed she had more than just a ‘little girl voice’, she quickly put Nikki into vocal training and set her on a lifelong path towards her ultimate destiny. At the age of eleven she started an all-girl singing group with her neighborhood friends, for which she wrote all the songs. Later on, she began singing and recording professionally, demoing up cover songs to show off her vocal chops while performing at showcases and competitions in and around Toronto. Knowing she was destined for a career in music, Nikki went on to study music business at the college level, after which she teamed up with a team of producers for whom she recorded a voluminous catalogue of songs. She eventually signed to a music attorney in New York who went on to manage her career for the next several years. On the advice of the industry professionals she had been working with, her focus at the time was on R&B and pop music, but after she and her manager parted ways, she knew she had to reinvent herself in a way that would be as true to her voice as it was to her soul. She had never given country music much of a thought, but in it, she discovered a whole new world she hadn’t even considered: best of all, she was having a lot of fun singing it, and began to find a new joy and revitalized enthusiasm for the next phase of her career.

With country music in her heart, Nashville was the next frontier. Nikki signed up for a two-week writing and workshopping trip in the world’s most famous songwriting city, and was instantly hooked. During this time, she had the opportunity to write and perform with some of Nashville’s top talent, and on her first visit finished thirteen songs in five days. A few months later, she made the move permanent, and now hopes her family will follow. Along with her ongoing writing and performing schedule, she is getting ready to release a single in the UK, which will be supported by a promotional tour. And of course, there are big plans for the future: playing the Grand Ole Opry, traveling the world and meeting fans face to face – those milestones are all up there with seeing an audience singing along with her songs or hearing them on the radio for the first time.

Nikki Shae was born to sing, but if music wasn’t her destiny, she says she might be a makeup artist or an entrepreneur. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with friends and do fun things, like have dinner parties, go to the beach or hang out by the pool. When she isn’t singing, writing or performing, you might find her watching scary movies, trying out new cocktail recipes, playing board games or enjoying live music at one of the many venues in and around Nashville.

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